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Working from home taking its toll?

How are you feeling? It's been nearly 7 months of us all working at home from your kitchen table or makeshift desk in the spare room. I even know of one client who works from his ironing board! Yes, you heard it here first (at least it's height adjustable). My main client base has always been office workers who I've worked closely with to improve their body's soft tissue and correct functional imbalance and movement. I'm passionate about you being more comfortable at work, wherever that might be, which is why I have set up my Home Wellness Advice Service. Prior to COVID19 70% of workers had never experienced working from home. How many of you were prepared to work from home, had the right setup, still have the right setup and support from your business leaders? Before this huge change to your lives the statistics around working at your desk and the impact this has on your body was already leading towards headlines like, 'that sitting is the new smoking'?  It sounds quite shocking right? It should have an impact but I'm not entirely convinced, based on my work with current clients, that this 'shock' factor is helpful to desk workers because, fundamentally, we can't actually quit work/quit working from a desk like we can quit smoking.  I choose to focus on a more positive and realistic approach towards how you can improve and maintain your body mobility on a day-to-day basis at work in your home or at your office (now a rarity).  Not only do I offer this support but I'm able to truly focus on your desk wellness from advising you on position, postural advice, options to make changes and stretches. I want you to feel empowered, to make the decisions and changes that will help you move and feel better.  What I can do for you and your teams Desk posture/home working environment assessment. This is one of the best ways to relieve mind and body stress in your working environment. Making you and your teams feel invigorated, calm and refocused. This will all help towards increasing productivity!

I'm happy to do home visits within London or offer virtual support. Marissa was in pain!

Marissa reached out to me as she was in a lot of pain, feeling uncomfortable and felt disconnected from her own body. Marissa is pretty active and just couldn't understand why she was in so much pain and also suffering from a lack of sleep. I visited Marissa in her own home and was able to assess, talk through the issues and make the changes there and then. It was pretty simple. Here are some before and after pictures.

Can you spot the differences?

No expensive equipment needed either I just used a load of cooking books!

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