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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

  • combat the effects of injury and negative effect of intense and/or frequent sports or fitness training

  • eases tight or sore muscles and improves joint mobility, helping the body move better and recover from exercise faster

  • accelerates healing of soft tissue injuries by encouraging the flow of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients, and by treating the muscle tightness and inelasticity that can hinder blood flow

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage firmly moulds the muscles (minus soft tissue) back into shape. This muscular skeletal fabric of the body is not naturally hard; using the hands, elbows, and fingers Deep Tissue Massage softens tight and tough tissue deep inside the muscle structure, this method coaxes the body into relaxing.


When muscles suffer injury or tighten from stress, they sometimes need help to let go and return to normal. Deep Tissue Massage is a vigorous kneading of the muscles through massage therapy, using a variety of massage skill sets. Deep Tissue massage works down into the muscles getting at the core of muscle tightness.

Is Deep Tissue Massage Right for me?

Deep Tissue Massage is highly effective for people from all walks of life, particularly for anyone looking to improve flexibility, ease tight or painful muscles or combat postural or musculoskeletal pain – whether from an every day injury or simply (and frequently) from spending long hours at a desk.

Deep Tissue Massage techniques can also be used to reduce the impact of previous injuries, and the resulting scar tissue or inelasticity that may be impacting on your body’s ability to heal or move properly.

At BodyTherapy.Health, we provide Deep Tissue Massage for everyone from runners, triathletes, tennis players, footballers, cricketers and golfers, to weekend warriors, busy mums and time-poor executives

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