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3 Self Help Books for Emotional Healing

Updated: Mar 22

Welcome, fellow seekers of well-being! As someone passionate about body therapy and its connection to mental health, I'm always on the lookout for insightful reads that delve into the mind-body tapestry. As I read more, I'll want to share my top picks so make sure you come back for me or sign up to my newsletter to find out when this is updated.

First Encounter: "Listen" by Kathryn Mannix

The Front Cover of Kathryn Mannix's book 'Listen'

This captivating book by renowned psychologist Kathryn Mannix challenges our relationship with listening. She goes beyond mere words, exploring the profound impact of truly attentive listening on both the speaker and listener.

Her insights resonate deeply with my work, emphasising the importance of creating a safe space for clients to be heard, not just physically, but emotionally and intuitively.

Mannix's accessible writing style and relatable examples provide valuable tools for fostering deeper connections, both personally and professionally.


Deep Dive into Trauma: "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk

The front cover of Bessel van derk Kolk's book 'The body keeps the socre'

This groundbreaking work by trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk delves into the profound and often hidden impact of trauma on the mind and body. Van der Kolk challenges traditional therapeutic approaches, advocating for mind-body practices like yoga, dance, and bodywork to help individuals overcome the physical and emotional effects of trauma. As a body therapist, I deeply connect with his message and find his exploration of the body's role in healing invaluable. He sheds light on how early and recent traumas can manifest in physical symptoms, emphasising the importance of holistic approaches to achieve true healing.


Embracing the Inevitable: A Journey Through Death and Wisdom with Kathryn Mannix's 'With the End in Mind'

The front cover of Kathryn Mannix's book 'With the end in mind'

Dr. Kathryn Mannix shares a heartfelt look at death and dying that challenges how we avoid thinking about it. Drawing on her experience as a doctor who helps people in their final days, Mannix walks us through what dying is like with great care and understanding.

She tells stories and conversations with patients and their families that show how much we can learn from facing the end of life. Mannix talks openly about the fears and misunderstandings we have about death, giving comfort and advice to those dealing with it.

What makes "With the End in Mind" special is how Mannix shows the human side of dying, stressing how important it is to treat people with respect and kindness until the very end. Her words are both insightful and touching, encouraging us to think about our own mortality with bravery and peace.


Your Journey Awaits:

These self help books for emotional healing can enhance your wellbeing journey and offer just a glimpse into the vast world of mind-body literature. Both have broadened my understanding of the intricate relationship between our bodies and minds, further emphasising the potential of body therapy to unlock healing and well-being

Are you on a similar journey of exploring the mind-body connection? Share your favourite reads in the comments below! Whether you're a fellow therapist, client, or simply curious about the power of bodywork, let's discuss and create a space for shared learning and growth.

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