Pregnancy Massage



Having been surrounded & influenced by some wonderful women all my life I'm so happy to be able to offer soft tissue treatment to support mothers-to-be during their special time. The massage takes place in my relaxing & cosy ground floor Home Clinic.

There are many benefits of regular massage for both mother and baby. Treatment can begin from the moment you know you're pregnant and continue throughout and I'm here to support you after the birth of your baby too.

The pregnancy massage will help ease your joint discomfort, your sore muscles soreness and most importantly help you reconnect with your body and understand the changes that are taking place. 


I'm passionate that this is your time and your massage so we will work together to adjust pressure, change position supported by carefully placed pillows and we can even take a short break if that is what you need.

For further information about pre & post-natal massage please check out my FAQs or please do get in touch and speak to me directly.

Pregnancy Massage helps alleviate

  • Muscle tension & spasm

  • Sciatic Pain

  • Swelling (Oedema)

  • Back, neck and shoulder discomfort caused by hormonal and postural changes

It can also help improve

  • Quality of sleep

  • Reduce headaches

  • Relieve heartburn

  • Balance mood-swings & lift your mood

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