This Home Clinic is managed by BodyTherapy.Health founder, James Hurst. It's located close to the village of Goudhurst, Cranbrook and within a 10 minute drive from Marden or Staplehurst Train Station.

A comfortable, quiet & private space on the ground floor.  You can even choose your own playlist during your soft tissue therapy treatment.  

Availability varies from week to week so please do get in touch with James with your preferred times.

To book an appointment in Goudhurst please email james@bodytherapy.health

James' Fees

£55 for 60 minutes


What distinguishes James from previous massage therapists I have visited is his innate ability to “read” my body. He found areas of tightness I had not identified in the lower calf and was eloquent in his diagnosis of its effect elsewhere in the body. His manner is friendly and relaxing and I could feel the benefits from the treatment immediately. His approach is thoughtful and his consideration of the body is holistic and fully integrated. I can not recommend James highly enough.' | Nicola Gibbons