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Supporting you in your Home

A truly unique experience available to select clients. You get the 5* treatment but in your own home with your own towels, treatment couch* and preferred sound and lighting. All I need to bring is my massage oil unless you'd prefer something else which I'm sure we can discuss.


Your time is valuable

With James coming to your home will save you time so you can focus on what's important to you.


Treat more than one person

If you're more than one person in the home James can provide treatment for you and your household.

If your children are under 16 an adult will need to be present during their whole treatment.


And, the perfect add-on to your home visit.

Are you working comfortably from home?

If you and your household members are working from home James can provide support and advice. Read here how James was able to support his client Marissa in her own home.

* I am happy to assist in helping you to decide on a suitable treatment couch to suit your needs.

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Please contact us to discuss pricing for this bespoke & exclusive service.

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