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When did you get your first massage?

This year I had the honour of performing the very first massage therapy session on a lady in her late 70’s, who, up until now has never had a massage, of any kind.

Her progress has been incredible and it has really made me stop and think about how it’s never too late to start looking after your body, but the difference it could make to your life if you start sooner is astounding…

Here is how her healing journey progressed…

After her first session with me she was surprised by how well she started sleeping and the pain in her legs subsided. After session 2 she commented on how much easier it was to keep up with her gardening. Things were feeling easier when moving and getting up and off the ground. When she arrived for session 4 there’s was a bounce in her step and she told me she was able to walk much further than she has in a long time.

After just 4 appointments she told me she was feeling better than ever.

It brings me such joy that someone has had a positive experience of engaging with their own body again and them being able to move and feel better.