Simon O'Sullivan

'James is a great therapist and genuinely interested in understanding your issues and helping you as an individual. James has a wide range of techniques, skills and knowledge that he applies to your situation ensuring the therapy is tailored to your needs rather than a cookie-cutter treatment, I would highly recommend him.'

'As someone who has suffered with chronic pain and a range of injuries for several years, I have seen countless physios's and massage therapist's. Of them all, James has been the most effective and committed in helping manage my symptoms. He offers useful advice on things I can do outside the clinic, and is always friendly and easy to talk to. Thank you James!'

Sean Mullins

'As a Personal Trainer and running leader plus lugging heavy kits and 2 small children around my body takes a bit of a battering. James has really helped with overall aches and pains but more importantly has identified and pinpointed certain areas of concern and worked specifically on these. He also gave advice on foam rolling exercises I can do in my own time which is above and beyond what I would expect from a Massage Therapist. I look forward to my next session with James! Highly recommend.'

Jenifer Lee

'I’ve suffered with very tight hip-flexors for a while now and booked an appointment with James Hurst at TEN Health & Fitness, St James's Studio. He was immediately able to diagnose the problem – he has a very impressive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system – and work on the problem areas in a careful and controlled manner, whilst also taking the time to explain the techniques. After my treatment(s), I have enjoyed a lot more freedom of movement which is great. Highly highly recommended professional sports massage therapy.'

Nick Page

'James is very professional. Tries to understand the problem and come up with right solutions. Gives very helpful advice. Highly recommended.'

Alexander K

'James’s Sports Massages have seriously changed my workout game! This summer I made a serious commitment to work out 3-4x a week for 3 months straight to nice a significant difference in my health and physique. In addition, I’ve been going to see James every 2-3 weeks to help relieve the stress of these new muscles being worked and to help alleviate some nerve pain in my neck from sitting at a desk all day. James patiently listens to my pain complaints and works to solve the problem, creating a full picture, not just putting a bandaid on a kink in my neck. After over 3 months, I can’t imagine NOT seeing James once a month. I no longer have nerve pain in my neck and i now have the proper foundation (from his exercises, stretches etc) to continue to grow on my fitness path. It doesn’t hurt that the’s a wonderful, hilarious, kind-hearted person!'

Katelyn Ares

'After a number of relatively unsuccessful visits to Physio’s around London I decided that it would be better to try Massage, St James's Studio. After only a small number of visits, one issue had cleared up almost completely and there was a marked improvement in general mobility and flexibility. I can only put this down to my masseuse James Hurst and his identification and resolution of the issues – a mixture of assisted stretching and massage. He has a good sense of humour, is clear and concise in his explanations and above all, has the ability to identify and resolve the issues presented. Thanks for all of your help!'

Tom Powell-Tuck

'Over the last nine months I have been having regular sports massage sessions with James Hurst (Ten & Fitness, Mayfair Studio) for various back issues coming from prolonged hours at the office desk, training and stress. James has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and skill. He listens carefully to the patient and adapts his technique based on the symptoms and needs of the patient building upon what worked well in the previous sessions and regularly trying new techniques. James truly cares about his patients and strives to make lasting impact on their wellbeing outside the message session by suggesting (and explaining the correct technique!) stretching exercises, providing very practical follow up advice and checking in with patients.'

Olga Kucherenko

'I had significant back, shoulder, and neck pain from a sports injury so worked with James for a few months. He is personable, targeted the right areas to get me back up and running, and suggested exercises and for me to do outside of my sports massages to maintain progress. I’d highly recommend James for his sports massage offering!'

Kendelle Tekstar

'I saw James Hurst at TEN Health & Fitness, St James's Studio for deep tissue massage following a back injury. James gave a great treatment plus great follow-up advice. Will definitely be back to him soon!'

Phoebe Harrop

'James is a great masseuse, he has studied massage to a high level and it really shows in his massages. Very friendly and calm, gives advice and exercises afterwards to help prevent further strains. Can't recommend enough. Exercises in between visits. His follow up emails a day after treatment are welcoming and very detailed. I have seen a huge difference in my alignment and muscle tension since having weekly massages with James the past 6 weeks. Highly recommended.'

Jason Rajamorgan

'Had a great session, I felt he really understood my needs and helped me with exercises for me to continue to work on until I see him next. Very professional with great results - can´t recommend him enough!'

Simon Oskarsson

'I had shin splints at the beginning of the year and read that sports massages would help the healing process. I googled a place next to my work and found James @TENHealthFitness in Mayfair. His hands are magic and he's so easy to get on with. I feel so much better now that I'm back to running (albeit at a slower pace).'

Kaushal Pabari

'It is often said that one can’t truly appreciate what one has, until it’s no longer there.  I can vouch for this saying.  It’s more than a month since I last visited James Hurst at TEN Health & Fitness, Little Venice Studio.  I am beginning to hear the pain in my neck and shoulders, which he had so expertly banished away with soft tissue therapy, calling me from a distance.  

I am a very busy professional, working long hours and travelling frequently.  I am sporty but my joints are hypermobile:  they easily move beyond the normal range expected.   I have also suffered from a curvature of the spine, which has led to my back pain.  I have sought massage therapists for many years.  James is very different from them all because of his kind attention, guidance and followup.   His therapy and guidance does not end after the session is over.  If need be, he follows up with email comprising useful information and links.


I highly recommend James.  I am pain free when in London.  I wish I could pack him up in my suitcase and take him with me on my travels.'

Zoe de Carlo

'James Hurst, at TEN Health & Fitness Mayfair, has been a saviour whilst training for the London Marathon! He has provided excellent treatment and advice during our sessions and will follow up with an email so you can carry on the good work at home.


I’ve seen and felt a huge difference since coming to see James on a regular basis and no doubt prevented unwanted injuries. James is great to work with, he is very supportive and caring and will make you feel relaxed and at ease. Highly recommended!'

Lucy Flaherty

'James Hurst, at TEN Health & Fitness St James's, has been brilliant in getting me back after a calf injury. He is very experienced and knowledgeable and came up with a bespoke set of exercises to speed up my recovery. He really understands how the body works and how to get it back working after an injury! Highly recommended!'

Christian Mathews

'James Hurst, at TEN Health & Fitness Mayfair, is very thorough and extremely knowledgable on alignment and sports massage. He makes every effort to explain what is going on and gives you the support you need at home too, by sharing excellent home exercises in between visits. His follow up emails a day after treatment  are welcoming and very detailed. I have seen a huge difference in my alignment and muscle tension since having weekly massages with James the past 6 weeks. Highly recommended.'

Emily Barnes

'I have been getting massages for over 30 years now, and as such I can attest to James Hurst's (of TEN Health & Fitness Little Venice Studio) expertise.  James possesses an understanding of the body and musculature that is unsurpassed and leads to not only a relaxing, but repairing experience.  


In addition, he has a lovely and caring demeanor, and always greets his clients with a welcoming, warm smile.  Whether you have a specific muscle issue that needs to be worked on, or you simply need to relax, I highly recommend James as your masseuse.'

Nicole Jhonson

'James has been an absolute god-send.  As a former dancer himself, he has a brilliant awareness of the cause and effect of specific demands on the human body, and clearly takes a highly individual approach to each client's treatments.  He also manages to strike just the right balance between a relaxing massage and a deep, therapeutic treatment.  

An excellent therapist - I always leave feeling better and would highly recommend James to all.'

Kate Stuart-Robson

'I booked my appointment with James at Body Therapy to alleviate tension in my neck and some mild discomfort in the lower back. As the mother of 2 young children and a yoga/dance teacher, my body had been under some stress and I was keen to iron out the kinks.

What distinguishes James from previous massage therapists I have visited is his innate ability to “read” my body. He found areas of tightness I had not identified in the lower calf and was eloquent in his diagnosis of its effect elsewhere in the body. His manner is friendly and relaxing and I could feel the benefits from the treatment immediately. His approach is thoughtful and his consideration of the body is holistic and fully integrated. I can not recommend James highly enough.'

Nicola Gibbons

'As a 40 year old experienced gym goer and mountain biker I worked with James to focus on loosening up those post exercised muscles especially across the back and in the legs. James and I also agreed some longer term goals around gaining a fuller range of movement and flexibility which ultimately will help improve my riding and exercise techniques in the gym.


Within a couple of sessions I started to notice the difference in my freedom of movement especially across my back and neck which has translated into improved form and greater strength in the gym. I put this rapid change down to James’s holistic approach to health & well being, not just in the therapy sessions but also sending me off with simple exercises I can do everyday. I’ve found James’s style of constructive challenge and high level of support invaluable in my quest to stay flexible as well as fit.'

Dan Clark

'I would highly recommend James. I have had a long term back condition and he was quickly able to diagnose the issue. He provided excellent treatment and accessible advice on how to manage my issue with easy stretches and exercises. All this was delivered in a calm and professional setting.'

Stuart Hunt

'I need to arrange to see you again! Have to say after a lifetime of seeing osteopaths and massage bods, never has my neck felt so relieved and loose after seeing you!'

Rachel Gower

'I recently had a massage with James and  I left walking on air.  He really listens to your needs and is able to focus in on any problem areas, making them melt away.  I can't recommend him enough.'

Rebecca Keatley-Hughes

'James was brilliant. As an actor/someone who has a variety of jobs, I am constantly on my feet and I have real problems with my calves in particular. His extensive knowledge (which was relayed to me in an accessible manner) really allowed me to understand why I was experiencing discomfort and his advice on tackling the problem was extremely helpful.

The massage itself was brilliant and James was very attentive, in particular when dealing with areas where I felt discomfort. I felt relaxed and at ease throughout the whole process. I will absolutely be returning to James in the new year.'

Shamia Chalabi

'My right shoulder was sore and tight from lugging around a toddler. My left side had overcompensated for the weight being carried on the right. James zeroed in on the muscles that needed loosening and got the blood flow going in my shoulder again. Finally some relief!  After a few sessions we were able to concentrate on other areas.

This mummy can whole heartedly recommend James as a massage therapist.  With exercises and touch he helped relax the parts that seized up over the years.'

Joyce Petzny

'I'm a boxing coach and boxingyoga teacher.  I have to stay fit in order to help my clients improve their fitness level.  Due to the intensive workouts I do suffer from muscle aches, tightness on a regular basis and sometimes even get injured.


What I like about our relationship is that James is patient and understands my body intuitively.  He listens, asks question and takes care of me.  He shares his honest opinions and gives well thought out advice to prevent any future injuries and promote a faster recovery. ​It's not just a massage it's an integrated whole-body approach.  


It helps me to have that time for myself and to build a stronger healthier body.'

Els Caballero

'Over the years I have been to many massage therapists, and have experienced many different styles. James was one of the best massage therapists I have been to.


His knowledge of the body was extremely helpful in understanding why I have pain in certain areas and how I can use stretching and other techniques for maintenance in between sessions.  


I walked out of his home clinic feeling fantastic and I would highly recommend him to others.'

Sheré Martinez

'James is a great therapist and genuinely interested in understanding your issues and helping you as an individual. James has a wide range of techniques, skills and knowledge that he applies to your situation ensuring the therapy is tailored to your needs rather than a cookie-cutter treatment, I would highly recommend him.'

Simon O'S

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