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Show me your metal!

Are you running the London Marathon this Sunday 2 October? If you are, I'll be thinking of you and sending you lots of luck! You've been preparing for a while now and probably been working much harder than you thought you had to. And you're nearly there! Just 26.2 miles to go and you'll be so proud of yourself.

Before you set off, I have one question for you.

Have you thought about post Marathon?

  • Yes, I've got a sports massage booked in immediately after

  • Yes, I've got a sports massage booked in the week following

  • Nope, not that thought that far!

  • I'll be fine - don't need anything after

I'm a big fan of 'You do You' as you will know your body pretty well by now but from my professional training and experience I would highly recommend you book yourself in now for that post-marathon treatment. Make sure that it's in the diary and secure that booking.

First and foremost, YOU DESERVE IT and secondly your body will THANK YOU FOR IT. You've worked so hard to cross that finish line and like most participants you've also done it for a cause or someone you care for, love.

If you're based near Goudhurst, Cranbrook get booked in with me at BodyTherapy.Health for your post-Marathon sports massage. If you bring your metal (2022 medal) I'll take off £5 and you can donate that to your chosen charity!

Sports Massage is great for your recovery and don't just take my word for it read the article about in me in the Evening Standard.

'The treatment provides TLC for mind and body in refreshingly no-nonsense surroundings. Using long, lymphatic strokes, James Hurst focuses on restoring the entire body to optimum function. Accordingly, the pressure is firm but never painful'

A Sports Massage with James can contribute towards your soft tissue recovery from the intense athletic activity you're about to put your body through. Running 26.2 miles may cause prolonged elevation of muscle tone in both resting and contractile muscles which can be perceived as tight sore muscles.

Not only does sports massage have physiological benefits but psychological too! Sports massage has shown to cause a reduction in anxiety, and improvement in mood state which can also lead to relaxation, enhancing your recovery to the max.

To book call or text James Hurst on 07961 993911.


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